History and Philosophy of Vincent Sheppard

In 1917, the American entrepreneur Marshall Burns Lloyd invented a method of twisting kraft paper around a steel wire. These paper-wrapped wires were then woven on a loom, thereby creating a fine, regular and solid weave that strongly resembled rattan. Marshall Burns chris¬tened this weave Lloyd Loom. Furniture made from Lloyd Loom was an enormous success in the United States. As a consequence, Lloyd concluded a licensing agreement during the 1920’s with an English manufacturer who used the Lloyd Loom material in an original manner and created romantic English furniture collections.

In turn, Lloyd Loom became the rage all over Europe. Lloyd Loom furniture was seen everywhere: in hotels, restaurants, tea rooms, even on the Zeppelins, as well as on the promenade decks of luxury cruise liners. At the end of the second world war, production ceased due to the bombing and subsequent destruction of the English factory.

Caneworld is the largest supplier of Lloyd loom furniture in Southern Africa. With the factory in Cape Town, they are ideally situated to supply Lloyd Loom furniture all over Africa. They also have to ability to manufacture custom designs, should you have your own.

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